Ostend Beach Festival 2020 has to be postponed because of COVID-19

We must sadly confirm the rescheduling of Ostend Beach Festival due to COVID-19 concerns. The Belgian authorities have just prolonged its prohibition against larger gatherings until August 31st 2020. The prohibition also goes for this year’s Ostend Beach Festival.

Yes, we are heartbroken. We know you are too. In 2020 we need human connection more than ever. But public health and the well-being of our participants, staff, and neighbors in Ostend are our highest priorities. We cannot guarantee that the festival can take place safely, nor can we know if it would be economically possible. Artists might not be allowed to travel or partners might drop out which would make it impossible to organize the event.

What we do know is that Ostend Beach Festval 2021 can take place!

Why do we not postpone later in the summer? Given the painful reality of COVID-19, one of the greatest global challenges of our lifetimes, we believe this is the right thing to do. A postponement of about 1 to 2 months would create immense logistical challenges and the risk of the pandemic might still be too high. There is no guarantee that we could bring you the quality festival you all deserve. In 2020 we will reset the clock to zero and start over in 2021 with a brand new beach gathering.

The next edition will take place on 9, 10 & 11 July 2021 as you know it at the beach of Ostend. You will find all information how to swap your tickets into 2021 tickets on 

What will happen to your tickets? You will have two options:

1> All purchased tickets for Ostend Beach 2020 are still valid for the brand new 2021 edition. And be aware, edition 1 in july 2021 will be unforgettable!

2> You can swap your ticket for a Gift Card easily and free of charge. This way you can spend the Gift Card for any ticket for the next 3 editions of our festival (2021-2022-2023).

All ticket buyers will receive a notification via e-mail. Please stand by for all information and in the meantime check our FAQ page on

Thank you for your support and love. Take good care of yourselves and each other.

Sunny greetings,
Team Ostend Beach
Dear Beach People,

Inspired by the worldwide effort to bring the COVID-19 situation to an end, Ostend Beach wants to send a message of solidarity to all those who are following the movement and advice to stay at home.

In the last weeks we’ve seen how people all over the world have put their differences aside in a common fight to help protect each other. Most of all, we see with admiration how doctors, hospital staff and police all around the world are making endless efforts to keep us safe.

Now is the time to stay at home to stop the virus so when the moment is right we can gather together again to celebrate life, love, sunshine and music. Our eternall gratitude to all of you and see you soon on the beach.