Brazilian BBQ

Known for bringing together big names of international gastronomy around live fire, great food and a big party, Churrascada - Brazil's first International Barbecue Festival - prepares for landing at Ostend Beach.

Churrascada was born in São Paulo - Brazil, with the aim at showing gastronomy in its crudest, most primitive form: fire and food. The festival gathers big names of the Brazilian and international gastronomy scene around live fire pits, taking chefs out of their comfort zone to prove the ancient cooking tradition produces not only great food but also friendships around fire. The big barbecue party quickly to grew to be reference in the international culinary world with over hundreds of thousands of followers all over the worlds.

"Brazil is absolutely crazy about barbecue. It's the weekly moment where family and friends, rich or poor, gather to celebrate life. We have been doing it for ages, so our techniques evolved beyond the grill. For example, cooking Low & Slow (slowing and at low temperatures) over the open ground fire is one of the local specialties resulting in one of the juiciest meats one can taste and a beautiful display of barbecue mastery. If we are to eat meat, we should do only sustainably and valuing quality over quality. That is what churrascada is all about." says Gustavo Bottino, the festival founder and curator