Camping info

Seaside Campsite
We have our very own Seaside Campsite at the edge of the Oosteroever Dunes in Ostend. Close to the sea, fresh sandy grass (we never have mud) and all the comfort you will need to start the day! We have a free shuttle bus from De Lijn who will take you to the festival area and back.

Sunny people can take the 5 min walk across the harbour of Ostend and take a free ferry boat to the festival. Sporty people can rent a free bicycle and take a ride to the festival. Tickets for Ostend Dunes can only be bought online at our website.
  • Ostend Dunes Campsite is open from Friday 16h00 till Monday 11h00
  • There will be showers, toilets & lockers at the Campsite available
  • There is a free parking just across the Ostend Dunes Campsite (Address: Vuurtorenweg 1, 8400 Ostend (BE))

In 2018, Ostend Dunes Seaside Camping will be hosted by Festicamp
Camping Rules

1) When you arrive at Ostend Dunes CampSite you have to register at the entrance of the camping site. Only people who have a valid Camping ticket are allowed to enter the Ostend Dunes site.
You will get your camping bracelet at the entrance of the camping site. NOTE : It will only be possible to receive your bracelet if you have a valid ticket and your indentity card. So make sure you don’t forget your ID card !
2) The organization of Ostend Dunes has set up a few camping rules to guarantee safety at the Ostend Dunes CampSite. People who violate these rules will be asked to leave the camping !
3) No drugs or weapons at the camping site.
4) All sharp items are forbidden. E.g.: glass, knifes, etc… = FORBIDDEN.
5) There are NO gas bottles or draught equipment allowed at the camping site.
6) No cooker or gas utilities at the camping site.
7) It is allowed to bring your own food and drinks. You’re only allowed to consume your own food and drinks at the camping site and NOT on the festival grounds.
8) There are no campers, caravans or trailers allowed at the camping site.
9) Note that your camp space is limited. You can bring a tent as big as you want, but you have to make sure that the surface of the tent is used for the number of people who fit in the tent.
E.g.: If you bring a tent for 5 people, you have to sleep in it with 5 people ! Otherwise, the camping site will be too small.
10) No open fire at the Ostend Dunes site.
11) Flags are only allowed when they are no longer than 1.5m.
12) You can bring a trolley or a wheelbarrow for your luggage and other belongings because cars are not allowed on the Ostend Dunes site.
13) You can only camp on the camping site and it is NOT allowed to spend the night in your car.
14) All cars have to be parked at the parking areas.
15) Climbing the fences is strictly FORBIDDEN.                                   
16) Electricity generators of any sort are NOT allowed at the Ostend Dunes site.                             
17) You are NOT allowed to do any kind of business without any permission of the organization.                         
18) Toilet units will be available at the camping site and they will be FREE.                               
19) You are allowed to bring 1 tray of soft drinks or beer and 1 liter of liquor per person. ( 1 tray equals 24 cans of 25cl )     
20) Graffiti is not allowed at the Ostend Dunes site.
21) All food and drinks in glass bottles are forbidden.
22) It will be possible to buy breakfast at the Ostend Dunes site.
23) There are no animals allowed at the Ostend Dunes site.
24) Make sure all your drinks are in plastic bottles. Glas = FORBIDDEN