Ostend Beach Line-Up Showcase

april 01st 2021
Ostend Beach Ostend Beach Line-Up Showcase
Dear Beach People,

On Friday, April 9 - exactly 3 months before our beach gathering - we will host an all-star DJ Showcase at Kursaal Oostende.

Ostend Beach DJ Showcase with Team Damp - Urban Friday

We kick off our DJ Showcase with the amazing duo Team Damp!
Team Damp will kickstart your weekend and are bringing their Dancehall and Reggae beats to your living room!

Ostend Beach DJ Showcase with Double Pleasure - Clubbing Saturday

Next up, we have another incredible duo sharing their tunes: Double Pleasure!
These DJs are two friends from Antwerp and they are currently catching the world’s attention with their unique sound!

Ostend Beach DJ Showcase with YAMO - Classic Sunday

Last but not least, DJ YAMO!
A timeless house music icon and general manager & booker at Ostend Beach. If somebody knows it’s classics, it’s definitely YAMO!

These 3 artists are delivering a mix accompanied to our 3 festival days;
18h-19h Team Damp - Urban Friday
19h-20h Double Pleasure - Clubbing Saturday
20h-21h YAMO - Classic Sunday

All sets will respect the social distancing rules, security, and hygiene measures.