Our ECO story

june 05th 2019
Ostend Beach Our ECO story
Ostend Beach Festival was founded in 2010, before people began to become concerned about climate change. These days, everyone has woken up to the fact that we really have to do something about protecting the environment and reducing our impact on it. As a festival we’ve been exploring new ideas of how to lessen our toll on the beach and we’ve always tried to take an ecologically thoughtful approach to the way we do things, which we always hoped would inspire people.

We hope that we can continue to lead the charge in sustainable living by making Ostend Beach Festival as green as we are able to and by spreading the word to festival-goers about what will really make a difference to the environment. We continue to work as hard as we can on the practical things: from encouraging people to travel by public transport to promoting some great new initiatives on waste reduction.

Our 10 mission statements for Ostend Beach 2019:

✘ working with ECOCUPS with a deposit
✘ sensibilisation by Proper Strand Lopers at the festival
✘ all profits of our Guest Tickets donated to Proper Strand Lopers
✘ ECO teams, from building days till breakdown days
✘ separate waste management on the festival and backstage
✘ a close collaboration with the cleaning department of the city of Ostend
✘ NO plastic straws
✘ NO confetti
✘ NO flyering & NO sampling allowed
✘ we start with a clean beach, we end with a clean beach

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