The Brazilian Barbecue Party Coming to Ostend Beach Festival

april 27th 2018
Ostend Beach The Brazilian Barbecue Party Coming to Ostend Beach Festival
Known for bringing together big names of international gastronomy around live fire, great food and a big party, Churrascada -- Brazil's first International Barbecue Festival -- is preparing to land in Antwerp.

But before it does, you can be the first to try it at Ostend Beach Festival 2018.

Inspired by the Richard Wrangham quote "Fire made us humans", Churrascada ( pronounced 'shoo-haas-kah-da') was born in São Paulo, Brazil, with the aim of showcasing gastronomy to the world in its crudest, most primitive form: no more or no less than just fire and food. The festival gathers well-known names in the Brazilian and international gastronomy scene around live fire pits, taking chefs out of their comfort zone and into another world, to prove that ancient cooking tradition produces not only great food, but also friendships and community around fire. The big barbecue party quickly to grew to be referenced frequently in the international culinary world, with over hundreds of thousands of followers all around the planet.

Churrascada (Brazilian for "Barbecue Party) is a unique and festive experience. Since its inception in 2015, it has brought together some of the biggest names in the barbecue world including John Teaser (US), Richard Turner (UK), Renzo Garibaldi (Peru), Neil Rankin (UK), Juan Gaffuri (ARG), Maksut Askar (TUR) and of course local favourite Hendrik Dierendonk from Belgium. This coming September, Churrascada prepares to land in Belgium in partnership with Squid Events, and through this partnership festival goers will have the chance to try it first at this year's Ostend Beach Festival.

"Brazil is absolutely crazy about barbecue. It's the weekly moment where family and friends, rich or poor, gather to celebrate life. We have been doing it for ages, so our techniques evolved beyond the grill. For example, cooking low and slow (for a long time and at considerably low temperatures) over the open ground fire is one of the local specialties, resulting in one of the juiciest meats one can taste and a beautiful display of barbecue mastery. If we are to eat meat, we should do only sustainably and valuing quality over quality. That is what churrascada is all about." Says Gustavo Bottino, the festival's founder and curator.

More than a gastronomic festival, Churrascada is a place to enjoy for an entire day, listen to great music, make new friends, and form bonds with old friends. After all, gathering around fire feeds not only our stomachs, but also our souls. Around fire, meals are transformed into a source of joy and pleasure. Chefs are challenged with the creation of tasting portions including the main protein and the sauces and sides to be paired with. Clients pay an inclusive ticket including food, beverages (both alcoholic and otherwise), as well as eight hours of music.

"I am sure the techniques and energy I saw in Brazil will dazzle Belgium's festival goers. It's different than anything people have ever seen in Europe." adds Hendrik Dierendonk, Belgium's most prominent Butcher and an advocate of sustainable meat consumption.

However, the festival is definitely not only about meat. Plant-based food creations play a big part in the festivities with chefs showing their abilities to turn plant based creations into something special with the heat of charcoal, wood and smoke.

Remember, Belgium's first taste of this Brazilian wonder can only be found at this year's Ostend Beach festival. Final Wave #3 tickets on sale now, secure yours here.