The Well-Being Klub

june 17th
Ostend Beach The Well-Being Klub
For the first time, Ostend Beach is collaborating with The Well-Being Klub to take care of your state of well-being. A blend between live music, movement and bringing people together. Something we truly welcome at Ostend Beach!

The Well-Being Klub's mission is to bring a balanced lifestyle to all music lovers.
During the festival, you can enjoy different well-being sessions guided by a live DJ.

Join us on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for a Plug & Flow experience. Enjoy the perfect harmony between movement and live music in our chill-out zone at the festival. We literally plug in the music and flow together!

Participate in gentle movement sessions to loosen up the body and enjoy some stretching before you head off dancing. We provide headphones so you can tune in with yourself and the music.

When: Every day at 4:00 & 5:00 pm
Where: Chill-out area
Who: The Well-Being Klub
Guided By: Journey Of Yoga
Music By: WLC

Bring some sunscreen, a bit of water and join us for an unforgettable journey of movement and melody.

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