Tsunami Warning! Here's An Urgent Update On Ostend Beach 2018 Tickets

june 22th 2018
Ostend Beach Tsunami Warning! Here
With only two weeks to go until Ostend Beach 2018, it's time for some serious ticket warnings and updates on our upcoming event on the beach.

Firstly, we're sure you're all aware we're now FINAL RELEASE ticketing for our party in the sun next weekend. This one will not be a long reminder, just for you to take note That with tickets flying out the door faster than ever, it's time to book here while you still can , as some tickets are running very low.

Next, you should top up your cashless wristband as soon as you can, before the event. In case you have not already heard, by topping up with shells BEFORE the event you have the bonus and the bonus Shells (the currency of Ostend Beach), meaning you have more money in your pocket.

Heard about Payconiq? A simpler way to pay at Ostend Beach 2018, the Payconiq app allows you to pay simply at Ostend Beach, and load up with Shells to score the important stuff you'll need at the beach, like food and cold drinks. As a bonus, for every top up using Payconiq at the festival, you'll receive a bonus €5 in Shells! Search for Payconiq in the app store before you head to the beach!
Heard about the Desperados Sunset Cruise at Ostend Beach yet? This is an ultra-exclusive boat party from the festival site with hot DJ action on board, every day or Ostend Beach. With tickets almost gone, this is your last chance to book .

If you're wanting to party with us after Ostend Beach 2018 is done on Saturday, you'll have your pass. But at only € 10 at the bottom of this page , this afterpatrty is not going to break the bank.

And lastly, if you have not sorted out your accommodation, do that here . After all, you will have to head to Ostend Beach in 2018.

Secure your place , and we'll see you on the beach VERY soon ...