All Practical Information

july 11th 2019
Ostend Beach All Practical Information
Please find hereby the final practical information for Ostend Beach 10 Years kicking off tomorrow. Please read it carefully! A lot of stuff can be found HERE as well.

1. Opening Hours Festival:
Friday: 16h-02h / Saturday: 12h-02h / Sunday: 12h-00h
Camping: Friday 12h till Monday 12h (open 24/7)

2. Address:
Festival: Klein Strand, Montgomerykaai 1, 8400 Oostende
Camping: Fort Napoleon, Fortstraat 1, 8400 Oostende (this is not at the festival area!)

3. Route & Parking:
If you come by car, DO NOT PARK YOUR CAR in the city centre !!! ONLY USE "Strandparking" through the entrance at (GPS) Stapelhuisstraat, Oostende. For € 3 a day, it's the most affordable parking spot in Ostend. All parking info can be found HERE.

4. Weather:
The weather at the coast is always different than inland weather. Don't forget to bring a sweater as there's always more wind at sea! As for rain, we only expect showers on Friday morning. From Friday afternoon onwards, we dot not expect any more rain. Saturday and Sunday might be partly cloudy and sunny without rain.  

If by any change we should see a small shower, mind that we have 4 covered area's (2 stages are fully covered, we have a 3rd big shelter in the centre of our beach and the VIP area is covered as well). Mind that we distribute free poncho's when we encounter some raindrops.

5. Top Up now:
Register your wristband online and ‘top up’ by loading prepaid ‘Shells’ into your cashless account before you arrive – this will save you loads of time at the event, so you can go straight to partying!

Top up your wristband HERE and save 12,5% !

6. Accomodation:
Get the final Ostend Dunes Campiste ticket HERE. Do you know you can swim in the sea at our Ostend Dunes Campsite ? The sea is just accross the dunes and it is allowed to swim from 10h30 onwards.

In need for a HOTEL? Please have a look at our partner hotels HERE.

7. Zero Tolerance:
The organisers of the Ostend Beach event are working closely with the Police and local authorities to make this a safe, crime-free event on your doorstep. Please do not bring drugs or weapons to the festival. This includes ‘Legal Highs’.

8. Mobile App:
Up to date Timetable & Artist Info at our Official Mobile App. The best way to discover our artists and stay up to date!

iOS App

9. FAQ:
More information can be found at our Frequently Asked Questions page HERE.

10. Let's party!!!
We are ready to welcome you! We have 4 brand new stage designs, tickets are selling like hot cakes, we will have the perfect festival weather conditions and the drinks are already ice cold. Hope you are as excited as we are to celebrate our 10th anniverssary at the beach!

X. VIP info:
Your (mobile) VIP ticket will be scanned at the entrance and you will receive a wristband. With this wristband, you can enter the VIP area located at the Mainstage.

X. VIP boxes:
If you have ordered a VIP BOX ticket, your spending is available directly on your wristband. With your VIP Shells it's possible to buy drinks and food all over the festival and in the VIP area, where you can either order at the bar or at the waiters. Mind that VIP Shells are non refundable. You can check your spending balance at every bar.

X. VIP buffet:
There is a VIP Food token on all VIP wristbands. With this token, you can enjoy our VIP buffet located in the VIP area. the menu can be found HERE.

Buffet opening hours: Friday: 19h-23h / Saturday 17h-00h / Sunday 17h-22h

Sunny Greetings x