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july 20th
The official aftermovie 2023 has arrived! Thank you all for making Ostend Beach what it was this year, without a doubt our best edition ever.


As we know, life is always better at the beach... so get ready for our first Ostend Beach 2024 announcements coming soon!

Video by FD Productions

july 12th
Ostend Beach 2023 Refund Policy

You can do this from Wednesday, 12 July 12:00 to Wednesday, 19 July 12:00.  Refund payment will be done after this timeframe. Deposits will be executed approximately 10 working days after the refund link is closed.

Ask a refund here: 

- free shells and loge shells are non-refundable
- shells that have been added to your wristband just by bringing in cups that exceed the initial number of cups by 5 that have been used by yourself (according to your orders) will not be refunded
- a refund is only possible when there are more than 2 shells on your wristband due to transaction cost of 2 shells
july 10th
Thank you all for Ostend Beach 2023!

This year marked the 13th time we partied together on Belgium’s north west coastline, and by all accounts it was our greatest edition ever.

Our aim has always been to make each event better than the year before, and from what we’re hearing from all of you, we definitely achieved that. Whether it was the addition of new stage designs or the phenomenal line-up we produced, we’re glad all of you are extremely happy.

We want all of you to love Ostend Beach as much as we do, because without you, there would be no Ostend Beach. Thank you all, we do this for you.

To every single artist who came from near and far, thanks for providing the incredible vibes that made 2023 what it was.

To our partners, sponsors, the city of Ostend, and anyone who supported us in creating Ostend Beach 2023, you have our thanks. To say we couldn’t have done this without you is an understatement.

And to every single soul in the Ostend Beach team of management, crew, production, volunteers, friends, family and anyone who gave their time to make this edition a reality, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We’re already looking forward to having everyone back on the sand for our 2024 edition on 12/13/14 July!

Lots of love, Ostend Beach Festival
june 20th
Official Merchandise
Introducing our new Ostend Beach 2023 collection, getting you ready for dreamy days by the sea...

This limited-edition collection includes T-shirts, sweatshirts & hoodies, perfect for all of your summer adventures.

Items are available to order NOW - ready for shipping from June 21st.

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Limited Edition Collection - Available NOW
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