june 13th
Start Preparing Your Ostend Beach 2019 Weekend With Daily Artist Timings!
This is the moment many of you have been waiting for with baited breath - the time when we announce the daily timings of each artist who will be taking the stages at Ostend Beach Festival 2019. And lucky for all of you, the release of exact timings for all our 2019 artists mean you can start prepping for a perfect weekend on warm sands with us in Ostend.

With a packed daily lineup starting at noon each day and going well into the night, there's a ton of incredible acts in store to keep you dancing away under the sun and stars, for what is sure to be our most epic event ever.

Check out the full artist timings for Friday, Saturday and Sunday here, and begin preparing your Ostend Beach 2019 weekend right away. Who are you looking forward to seeing most?

Finally, as we're now one month before the event, you must secure your passes as soon as possible. With more hype around Ostend Beach than ever before, these tickets won't last long. Get yours now!

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Ostend Beach
june 07th
DJ Contest Winner
After Listening to over 250 DJ sets, we are very happy to announce that Muze is the winner of our DJ Contest and will play the Mainstage at Ostend Beach 2019!

Top 3 of our DJ Contest:

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Ostend Beach
june 05th
Our ECO story
Ostend Beach Festival was founded in 2010, before people began to become concerned about climate change. These days, everyone has woken up to the fact that we really have to do something about protecting the environment and reducing our impact on it. As a festival we’ve been exploring new ideas of how to lessen our toll on the beach and we’ve always tried to take an ecologically thoughtful approach to the way we do things, which we always hoped would inspire people.

We hope that we can continue to lead the charge in sustainable living by making Ostend Beach Festival as green as we are able to and by spreading the word to festival-goers about what will really make a difference to the environment. We continue to work as hard as we can on the practical things: from encouraging people to travel by public transport to promoting some great new initiatives on waste reduction.

Our 10 mission statements for Ostend Beach 2019:

✘ working with ECOCUPS with a deposit
✘ sensibilisation by Proper Strand Lopers at the festival
✘ all profits of our Guest Tickets donated to Proper Strand Lopers
✘ ECO teams, from building days till breakdown days
✘ separate waste management on the festival and backstage
✘ a close collaboration with the cleaning department of the city of Ostend
✘ NO plastic straws
✘ NO confetti
✘ NO flyering & NO sampling allowed
✘ we start with a clean beach, we end with a clean beach

Find out more HERE

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may 24th
Meet our 4 NEW stages
We'll have 4 brand new stage designs for our 10th anniversary. All stages area completely revamped and are custommade for Ostend Beach 2019!

As with every year, we partner with some of the most vibrant and energetic names in the dance music industry, and this year is no different. Each day our stages will feature different hosts bringing you the best in dance, hip-hop, urban, retro, and more, providing the vibes for you to dance all weekend with sand under your toes. Check them all out below.

Welcome to the new Ostend Beach Mainstage, where you'll find the biggest crowds, and some of the best energy over the 2019 event weekend. Expect a wicked line up to celebrate our special 10th anniversary! VIBESTR on Friday, our own resident dj's along Yves V & MATTN on Saturday and the Greatest Switch classics on Sunday. A special dj set by FAITHLESS is the closing act of the festival. 

LUST & Feathers' hip hop vibe on Friday. MATERIA by Marco Bailey on Saturday, Fred Hush' King Kong Club on Sunday with superstar dj's Deborah De Luca & Luigi Madonna! Add some Eristoff Vodka to keep it going on in our brand new all BLACK shelter!

Closed on Friday, but the main House area on Saturday (Decadance Reunion) & Sunday (Magazine Club). With the Schweppes cocktailbar, our special beer café and Spanish cortadors! Eat House, drink House, dance House ! Headlining artists: Franky Rizardo, Dennis Cruz, Kink & Butch

A fine selection of up-and-coming dj's on Friday & Saturday and local favourites on Sunday, this is no mirage, you have found heaven! Headlining artists: DJ MOE (Japan), Jerry Davila & DJ Pelos (Mexico). 

Check out the complete line up HERE

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may 24th
Extra Stage
This year we are offering a new and exciting experience at Ostend Beach! Nestled in the sand, under the shining sun is a special place of retreat for the festival goer, a unique moment of refreshment.

Welcome to our Desperados Dome stage, where a beer fountain springs from the desert landscape! Combined with a fine selection of upcoming dj's on Friday & Saturday and local favourites on Sunday, this is no mirage, you have found heaven!

Check out the complete line up HERE

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april 19th
Top Up With Shells Now And Get Free Shells
This year is all about providing a better experience for all on our beach again, and one of the ways we're doing this for you all is by going cashless at Ostend Beach - 10 Years, with our currency: Shells.

Chances are, you've used cashless systems at a festival before, so we likely don't need to introduce the concept to you or how easy they are to use. However, unlike other events that may likely just list your cash as "money", "tokens", or "credit" on your wristband, we're of course going with a beach-y vibe, and naming them Shells.

You can already prepare for our party on sandy shores by topping up with Shells today, and reaping the rewards by saving 12,5% when you do it in advance of the event.

Shells are simple to use, and will already be topped up on your RFID wristband when you arrive at the festival site, so you won't have to bother about doing anything when you turn up to party. No waiting, no hassles.

But the best part is payment. Whenever you feel like grabbing a refreshing drink under the sun, or scoring a bite to eat, all you need to do is tap your wristband to use your Shells. It really couldn't be easier or faster, meaning you've got more time to enjoy the event, and party on the sand.

So get ready early for Ostend Beach - 10 years, and load up with Shells and save NOW.

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march 28th
Would you like to camp easy and relaxed at the Ostend Beach Festival campsite? A guaranteed nice spot without having to fight over it or getting up way too early?

Then book yourself a pre-pitched FestiTent! Choose the package you prefer and leave the rest up to us. We’ll prepare everything for you!

Forget the parking hassle, dragging your camping gear at the entrance, the fight with your tricky tent… Just bring your ‘festival essentials’ and enjoy Ostend Beach Festival from the moment you arrive. Easy and Relaxed!

Go to FestiTent and book your own FestiTent starting from €11,70 per night!

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march 20th
Full Line Up

To celebrate our 10th anniversary we invited Alex Niggemann, Black Mamba, Butch, Cherry Moon Legends, Curtis Alto, Deborah De Luca, Dennis Cruz, Dopebwoy, Ellen Allien, Faithless DJ set, Franky Rizardo, Jebroer, KiNK live, Lil Kleine, Luigi Madonna, Luke Slater, Mattn, Marco Bailey, Yves V, and 60+ more artists!

We are excited to announce the most unique collection of diverse artists at our lovely beach boutique festival, check the full line-up & tickets (starting at €20,-) here 🦑

Did you know we added an extra day?!

Friday: Hip hop and Urban music.
Saturday: House, Techno & mainstream electronic music.
Sunday: House, Techno & Classics.

SHARE our social media video and TAG your friends and have a chance to win 4x combi + camping tickets and €400,- of free shells to spend on our festival!

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march 01th
Lil Kleine
LIL KLEINE - A brash young talent on the rap scene in the Netherlands, Lil Kleine broke out in 2013 with the single "Zo Verdomd Alleen" and scored a platinum hit in 2015 with "Drank & Drugs." With no less than 300 million streams Lil Kleine is by far the most listened-to Dutch artist ever on Spotify! After the two sold-out Lotto Arenas last year, Lil Kleine will be able to anchor himself on our VIBESTR Mainstage on Friday.

Go get your tickets with €10,- free shells before March 20 via
february 27th
Faithless DJ Set
FAITHLESS DJ SET - As one of the founding members of Faithless, Sister Bliss has become one of Britain’s most popular figures in the Electronica scene. With her proclaimed DJ sets and 15-year career as the musical drive behind Faithless, she is one of a handful of truly superstar DJs. Closing the final festival day at the Greatest Switch Mainstage.

Go get your ticket with €10,- free shells before full Line-Up announcement via
february 23th
Stage Hostings
On Friday, two Urban Music stages will host our urban dj's and live artists. Vibestr is amongst the most sought after party brands in Belgium and has multiple residencies around at the foremost temples of dance music. They will host the Mainstage on our first festival day. For the fifth year in a row LUST is joining Ostend Beach to host their very own hand-picked unique stage. With support of Antwerp based Feathers, they are bringing back the urban vibes to the beach.

Welcome to the Ostend Beach Mainstage on Saturday, where you'll find the biggest crowds, and some of the best energy over the 2019 event weekend. Expect a wicked line up to celebrate our special 10th anniversary! Marco Bailey’s record label Materia is back on our 2nd festival day, bringing the latest sounds in techno music. House beats will be played at the Decadance Reunion stage, joining the old skool resident dj’s from the legendary club in Ghent are the hottest international house artists!

On Sunday we welcome back Studio Brussel’s “The Greatest Switch” party concept. After over 30 years of classic 4/4 dance music motivating the world’s party goers, clubbing has become one of our best loved forms of cultural expression. Celebrate three decades of music at our Mainstage on the final festival day. Prepare yourself for an awesome and unique techno experience at our brand new King Kong stage with a killer line-up & soundsystem! Glad to welcome back Magazine Club from Lille as well, they will host an underground house stage on Sunday with some killer (live) artists… 

Mind that all things Hip-Hop, R'n'B & Rap will be booked only on Friday. Both weekend days (Saturday & Sunday) will see a mixture of House, Techno, Classics & mainstream electronic music.

Urban Friday >> 2 Urban Music stages - tickets € 20
Saturday & Sunday >> 3 Electronic Music stages per day - tickets € 45 (Sat) / € 35 (Sun)
Combi Tickets (valid 3 days) >> € 69

All regular tickets bought before our Line Up release include €10 in free Shells (the official drink & food currency at our beach)!

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february 22th
Sunday Hosts
And last but not least: the hostings for Sunday! Together with Studio Brussel, King Kong, Magazine Club, we will make this Sunday a day to remember 🦑

Go get your tickets with €10,- free shells before Line-Up announcement.

Get your tickets here

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february 21th
Saturday Hosts
Next up: our Saturday hostings! OSTEND BEACH MAINSTAGE, MATERIA and DECADANCE REUNION are ready to make this Saturday legendary 🔥

Go get your tickets with €10,- free shells!

Get your tickets here

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february 20th
Friday Hosts
We are happy to announce the first hosting partners for Ostend Beach - 10 Years!

Our Urban Friday will be hosted by VIBESTR, LUST Nights, and FEATHERS EVENTS 🔥

Go get your tickets for only €20,- and receive €10,- free shells!

Get your tickets here

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february 01th
Pre line up tickets
As an extra bonus for our 10th birthday, all regular tickets bought before our Line Up release (expecting March '19) include € 10 in free Shells (the official drink & food currency at our beach)!

✘ Combi € 69 (incl. € 10 free Shells)
✘ Friday € 20 (incl. € 10 free Shells)
✘ Saturday € 45 (incl. € 10 free Shells)
✘ Sunday € 35 (incl. € 10 free Shells)
✘ Ostend Dunes Camping € 30

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october 10th
All Combi Tickets 1+1 Free sold out!
A 1.000 x THANK YOU! Looks like Ostend Beach - 10 Years will become a massive birthday celebration! Pre Line Up tickets are on sale NOW!

All regular tickets bought before our Line Up release include €10 in free Shells (the official drink&food currency at our beach)!

Day Tickets NOW from € 20 / Combi Tickets € 69 !

Get your tickets here

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october 03th
Combi Tickets 1+1 Free

Ostend Beach 2018 goes on sale on Saturday, October 6 at 10AM with our annual 1+1 FREE Combi tickets, limited to the first 1.000 people. Save the date, as these will sell out...

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september 17th
10 Years
Ostend Beach ✖ 10 Years ✖ 12/13/14 July 2019

World's No. 1 Beach Festival is set against a beautiful coastline, with ample space and the perfect atmosphere for the season. If you're going to be in the area at that time, we definitely recommend checking it out, as the festival celebrates it’s 10th Anniversary in 2019!

Electronic music brings the country's north coast to life, as local and international artists build up the great summer vibe at the wonderful beach of Ostend. 

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