General Terms & Conditions
This website, including subdomains and the offered services, is managed by LNE BV.

Legal form: BV
Company name: LNE
Business name: OSTEND BEACH
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Phone number: 0498/694479
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User: Anyone who visits our website, regardless of whether this is intended purely for information and/or with a view to our services.
Visitor: Anyone who wishes to reserve a festival ticket via our website and/or who already has a festival ticket in his name. Is hereafter also referred to as the "purchaser".


This text regulates each use of the website, including the services that are offered via the website. As soon as one enters the website as a user, one declares one´s acceptance of these General Terms & Conditions. One hereby also declares as a user to be authorised to bind oneself to these general terms & conditions, or to assume this obligation under supervision and subject to the consent of an authorised person.

If you do not accept our website and/or these General Terms & Conditions, we can only recommend that you make no further use of the site.

It is possible that special conditions replace these General Terms & Conditions. This will only be the case if there is a meeting of minds on this and it is established in writing. These special conditions shall only apply for the part of the General Terms & Conditions from which they depart.

Each reference to our General Terms & Conditions always entails a reference to the entirety of our legal texts, thus including our conditions of sale, Privacy Policy & Cookies and Disclaimer.

We may decide at any time to unilaterally modify our General Terms & Conditions, without this giving rise to any form of compensation. Naturally, any modification will only have prospective effect, so that you are never bound to something you do not want. In any event we recommend regularly taking cognisance of possible modifications in our General Terms & Conditions.


Each user of our website, including services, understands that this use is always entirely at the user´s own risk. Our website is to be visited on an ´as is´ basis, thus without any (implicit or explicit) guarantee or condition. Naturally, we do not offer you a website without our having taken all necessary and reasonable measures that guarantee the proper functioning and security of our websites. Nevertheless, we cannot give any absolute guarantees. It is thus possible that the user will suffer harm as a result of ´errors´ and/or viruses or similar harmful components that afflict our website and/or servers. However, we may not be held liable for any harm deriving from the use of the website, including its services.

In addition, the website is offered on an ´as available´ basis. We cannot give any guarantees with regard to the accessibility of our website and the offered services. We will always take all reasonable measures in order to reduce the risk of malfunctions and/or interruptions to a minimum, but we shall under no circumstances be liable for harm resulting from a deficient access to the website and its services.

It is possible that certain content can be downloaded via our website. Each download from our website is always at one´s own risk, and damage resulting from a loss of data or harm to the computer system falls completely and exclusively under the user´s responsibility.

Users and third parties must refrain from actions that could endanger the use of this website. If such an action endangers the proper functioning and/or the secure character of our website (including services) and/or leads to the deficient accessibility of our website, the responsible person alone is personally and fully liable for all harm caused. If the responsible person is a user, he shall have a duty of indemnification vis-à-vis LNE BV.

Finally, our website contains many references to other websites and/or electronic communication portals that are not under the actual control of LNE BV. Placing such a reference does not automatically means that we (implicitly) approve of the content of these websites. These references shall thus be clicked on and visited at the user´s own risk and personal responsibility. LNE BV is not liable for any form of harm deriving from this.


LNE BV devotes the greatest care to its websites and the information appearing on them. This means that we take the necessary steps to keep our website as complete, accurate and up-to-date as possible. This is a best-efforts obligation. We may therefore change, supplement or remove our website and its content at any time.

Nevertheless, we cannot give guarantees about the quality of the information on our website. Thus it is possible that the information will be incomplete, insufficiently accurate and/or useful. We are therefore not liable for (direct and indirect) harm resulting from actions that the user takes on the basis of the information on our website. For example, information and files coming from third parties also appear on the website. These third parties, and not LNE BV are themselves responsible for the quality of such content. We are not obliged to check this content in advance, even if we place the content itself on the website.

If certain content on our website constitutes a violation of the applicable law and/or an infringement of the rights of third parties and/or is simply unacceptable, we ask you to report this to us as soon as possible so that we can take the appropriate steps.


Each user of our website leaves information about himself behind. The quantity of such information differs the more actions are performed, for example after registration. Depending on the quality of the information, it is possible that a natural person can be identified. As of that moment we are collecting and processing personal data.

Because we find privacy and privacy protection important, we have made an effort to inform you as fully as possible about the processing of personal data that we do. We are therefore pleased to refer you to our Privacy Policy & Cookies.


Creativity merits protection, thus so does our website and its content. The protection is provided by intellectual property rights. Such rights also apply for our website and its content. By "content" is understood the whole broad category of photos, video, audio, text, ideas, notes, drawings, articles, etc. All of this content is protected by copyright, software law, database law, industrial design rights and other applicable (intellectual) property rights. The technical character of our website itself is protected by copyright, software law and database law. Every trade name that we use on our websites is also protected by the applicable trade name law or trade mark law.

Each user receives a limited right of access, use and reproduction of our websites and their content. This granted right is non-exclusive, non-transferable and can only be used within a personal, non-commercial framework.

We thus ask our users not to use and/or to make changes to the intellectual property rights as described in this article, without the permission of the entitled party.


These General Conditions (including the Conditions of Sale) are exclusively governed and interpreted in conformity with Belgian Law. Disputes fall within the jurisdiction of the courts of the judicial district of Bruges (BE).

If the effect or validity of one or several of the above provisions of these general conditions should be endangered, this will have no consequence on the validity of the other provisions of this agreement.

Every disclaimer of liability by LNE BV must always be given the broadest possible interpretation.

The headings that we use in our legal documents are always purely illustrative, so no legal significance can be derived from them.


We find your opinion important. We try to ensure that our website and our offered services function as correctly as possible, but we are not always in the right position to note shortcomings or other problems. Therefore we ask you, as a user, to communicate to us any useful comment or complaint. This can be done using the e-mail address info@ostendbeach.be

We will do everything in our power to provide a practical and effective answer to your complaint or comment as quickly as possible.


Only the first individual who presents the original festival ticket and camping ticket will receive access to the festival grounds and/or the camping site. The holder of a copied festival ticket and camping ticket will be refused access. So make sure that no one can copy your festival ticket and camping ticket.

Prohibited on the festival grounds: drugs, liquids, glass, cans, camel bags, sharp objects, alcohol, animals, sound, film, video and photo equipment, fires and any object that the organisation may consider to be dangerous. One can be lawfully searched/patted down before being allowed to enter the grounds or asked to search clothes and/or luggage. Access will be prohibited in the event of refusal.

The artists and the organisers, their agents and employees, the camping site organisers cannot be held liable for damage, loss or theft, nor for any possible accident. Official sale of festival merchandise takes place only on the festival grounds.

It is not authorised to distribute gadgets, samples or any such other products at the entrance of / near to / on the festival meadow and camping sites unless written agreements have been made on this in advance.

Distributing flyers on, around and near the festival is prohibited by police order.

Ostend Beach Festival is a festival where everyone is welcome. Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated at the festival grounds or at the campsites.

By purchasing an festival ticket, you expressly confirm that you as a visitor are bound by our festival regulations. Any violation thereof will be sanctioned. Ostend Beach Festival reserves the right to deny anyone at any time access to the site if there is a sufficient reason to do so. If you violate the regulations, you will be the sole party responsible for this. You will also be obliged to indemnify Ostend Beach Festival for all potential consequences of your violation, including claims of third parties. Beyond this, we reserve the right to take the appropriate (judicial) steps ourselves.


The Ostend Beach Festival organisation is only liable for any shortcoming imputable to it, regardless of whether this is contractual or extra-contractual in nature, in so far as this liability was not expressly excluded or limited in these General Terms & Conditions. Our total liability is in any case limited to compensation of the direct damage and can never be higher than the value of the delivered service, i.e. the Ostend Beach Festival ticket. Liability for any form of indirect damage is expressly excluded.

Liability in the event of force majeure is entirely excluded. By ´force majeure´ is understood any circumstance beyond the control of the Ostend Beach Festival organisation which impedes it, even temporarily, from wholly or partially fulfilling its obligations. The Ostend Beach Festival organisation is not liable for the obligations of its partners.

Every third party (including visitors) who, through a fault imputable to him, endangers the liability of the Ostend Beach Festival organisation, including LNE BV and its employees, must fully and at the first request indemnify the Ostend Beach Festival organisation against any claim of third parties. This duty of indemnification means that you must always voluntarily intervene in any dispute and/or judicial proceeding which is initiated against the Ostend Beach Festival organisation by a third party and must yourself bear the possible financial consequences thereof.

In case of cancellation of the event, the ticket price, excluding the service and administration fee, will be reimbursed to the person or company that made the order.

It is of course possible that the cancellation is the result of force majeure; this would be any situation beyond our control which prevents us, even temporarily, from wholly or partially fulfilling our obligations. In such a case we are not obliged to allow the festival to go on, naturally depending on the situation. There will be no reimbursement or compensation in the event of force majeure unless with the express agreement of both parties.

Changes to the programme give no right to partial or full reimbursement of the festival ticket and camping ticket. We regret it if a change occurs, but are confident that there is always a Plan B ready to make up for it.
Ticket Conditions

Depending on what you need as a visitor, we can offer you the following;

• FESTIVAL TICKET; this is the ticket that gives you access to the festival grounds for the respective duration of choice (combi or day ticket). At the Check-In at the Main Entrance you must exchange this festival ticket for a festival wristband. Only with this festival wristband will you receive access to the festival grounds.

• CAMPING TICKET; this ticket, linked to your festival ticket, gives access to the camping for the chosen duration. Camping tickets and festival tickets can either be purchased together or separately.

• SHELLS (FOOD & DRINK CURRENY); You can purchase “Shells" online on our Website and the amount of shells bought are directly available on your wristband when entering the festival. 

• We offer a refund for purchased shells after the festival. 

- free shells are non-refundable
- shells that have been added to your wristband just by bringing in cups that exceed the initial number of cups that have been used by yourself +20 cups will not be refunded
- a refund is only possible when there are more than 2 shells on your wristband due to transaction cost of 2 shells

• With your festival ticket you receive access to the entire programme on the day(s) chosen by you. Our prices are those stated on the Website, always expressed in euros (including VAT and taxes, excluding service costs).

We reserve the right to change the conditions and prices of our tickets at any time, without any form of formality or advance notice. Such changes have only prospective effect. If you have already purchased a ticket, then nothing changes for you.


The only way to obtain a valid ticket is via our official sales website; www.ostendbeach.be/tickets and our partner website www.festicket.com

For years now we, but above all our visitors, have been confronted with the consequences of unofficial sales (counterfeit tickets, extortionate prices). We have taken a number of measures in order to prevent disappointments. If you are curious we’d be happy to give you further information under the heading "What about unofficial sales ?". So if you want to be certain that your money secures a valid access, don´t buy via the ´black market´. If you notice an unofficial resale, please report it to us and thus help to prevent people from being unnecessarily duped.

Ordering an entrance ticket for friends, colleagues, family, etc. (so-called third parties) is no problem. The person or company that places the order is then considered the principal and is responsible for providing us with the correct information.

Blessed by the internet, we only sell our tickets online. In order to already give you a bit more information in advance about how the sale takes place, we would like to briefly run over all the steps.

Go to our ticket sales site www.ostendbeach.be/tickets

• Step 1: Select your tickets
In step 1 you specify what type (day ticket or combi) and how many tickets you want to order. First look at which tickets we offer in order to avoid errors in the heat of the moment.

• Step 2: Fill in your personal details
In order to be certain that you actually exist, in this step we ask for your personal data. As the party responsible for the purchase, from now on you are the principal/purchaser. We ask for nothing more than your name, e-mail address, city, gender and age in case we have to contact you. It is important that the information that you provide to us corresponds with reality. We cannot forward any tickets to you without, for example, a valid e-mail address.

We find the protection of your privacy important. For more information on the processing of personal data, we refer you to our Privacy Policy.

• Step 3: Add Drink & Food Tokens (Shells)
In this step you can add “Shells” to your ticket. These shells are directly at your wrstband when you enter the festival. With these “Shells” you can order food & drinks at our festival area.

• Step 4: Choose a method of payment
We can only confirm your order after immediate payment. If the payment isn´t made, then the tickets automatically go back on sale.

The following payment methods are possible:

  • Bancontact / Mister Cash
  • Payconiq
  • Sofort
  • CreditCard
  • Paypal

In order to ensure the security of your online transaction(s), we work together only with the above payment partners and credit card issuers. Online payments are made via a closed security system as a result of which the risk of loss and/or theft of your identity or credit card data is reduced to an absolute minimum. Naturally we are not liable for any shortcomings on the part of the above payment partners and credit card issuers.

• Step 5: Safe payment
You can report problems with your ticket reservation at info@ostendbeach.be. Always mention your name, address and telephone number so that we can help you as quickly and effectively as possible.


The reservation is definitive as soon as the payment is completed. As of this moment the purchase is definitive, meaning that your festival ticket is neither refundable nor exchangeable. In the absence of immediate payment there is no reservation. We then send you a confirmation e-mail with the requested entrance tickets.

All ordered tickets are sent to you as ´festival tickets´. This means that you receive a PDF file sent by e-mail. As the purchaser you are obliged to carefully examine the e-mail upon receipt for any mistakes on our part. If we did something wrong in the delivery of our services, you as the purchaser have seven (7) days to report it. This must always be done in a writing that specifies the reasons and is addressed to LNE BV. If your report/complaint is found to be admissible, then naturally we will correct our error. If you fail to produce a substantiated complaint within the given period, your right expires.

You must print out the PDF file and it constitutes the sole valid entrance ticket. Your ticket is your festival and/or camping ticket.

Only the first individual who presents the original festival ticket and/or camping ticket will be granted access to the event or the camping site. The presenter must be able to match his identity to the identity on the ticket.

The holder of a copied festival ticket or camping ticket will be refused access, so make sure that no one can copy your festival ticket and camping ticket.