Brand new look-n-feel

february 03rd 2022
Ostend Beach Brand new look-n-feel
Established in 2010, it has been decided that it is fitting to celebrate the 12th edition by introducing a new look-n-feel for the festival. "We felt that the time was right to re-energise the Ostend Beach Festival brand and share it with our customers. A new identity allows for everyone to feel a part of something new."

To encapsulate the multi-faceted nature of the festival, the logo has been re-imagined to capture the plethora of experiences on offer at the event. Sticking to the theme and celebrating the key protagonist – the octopus – a black motion-based logo has been created, with fluid shapes designated to each experience on offer. 

Continuing the look-n-feel will be a dedicated Ostend Beach Festival website, which will contain all relevant event information and partner details and experiences on offer. To drive support and create pre-event hype, a traditional media, social media and digital campaign will be launched – driving audiences to the new website. A marketing campaign will also be created to support the overall awareness of the festival.

“The new creative direction will assist in re-positioning the festival in the hearts and minds of our loyal fanbase and potential new visitors."

All assets are made by SKINN BRANDING AGENCY

Lots of love, Ostend Beach Festival