Ostend Dunes Camping

may 04th
Ostend Beach Ostend Dunes Camping
We have our very own Ostend Dunes Seaside Campsite at the edge of the Oosteroever Dunes in Ostend. Close to the sea, fresh sandy grass (we never have mud) and all the comfort you will need to start the day. Don't expect another party at the campsite, sometimes you just have to sit back, relax & enjoy the natural beauty of Mother Nature!

Sunny people can take the 5min walk across the harbour of Ostend and take a free ferry boat to the festival. Sporty people can rent a bicycle and take a ride to the festival. Tickets for Ostend Dunes can only be bought online at our website.

All Info & Tickets HERE

NEW FOR 2023
  • 24/7 FOOD AREA w/ Breakfast, Burgers & Snacks 🍔
  • 24/7 BAR w/ Coffee in the morning & Cocktails at night 🍸
  • Camping Shop 🔋
  • Smoking Hot BBQ Area 🍗
  • Lounge corner 🧘‍♀
  • & our North Sea to take a swim 🏄