Stage Hosts

january 29th
Ostend Beach Stage Hosts
Been waiting to check out all our stage hosts & stages in order to start planning your Ostend Beach 2024 weekend even better? As with every year, we partner with some of the most vibrant and energetic names in the dance music industry, and this year is no different.

Each day our 4 stages will feature different hosts bringing you the best in techno, house, afro, urban, retro and more, providing the vibes for you to dance all weekend with sand under your toes. 

We welcome 8 new stage hosts for the '24 edition: THE COMMON, LEGENDS NEVER DIE, 15 YEARS OB, BAYA, MAGNIFIK, DISCO TROPICANA, DIEPGANG & the notorious "8400" stage ! 

Friday is hosted by STRESSED OUT (Mainstage), THE COMMON (Dôme), LEGENDS NEVER DIE (Club) and TEAM DAMP & FRIENDS (Pool)

Saturday is curated by 15 YEARS OB (Mainstage), BAYA (Dôme), MAGNIFIK (Club) and DISCO TROPICANA (Pool)

Sunday beach vibes by STUDIO BRUSSEL (Mainstage), CHERRY MOON (Dôme), DIEPGANG (Club) and 8400 (Pool)

Lots of love, Ostend Beach Festival