Tickets 1+1 Free

december 03rd 2021
Ostend Beach Tickets 1+1 Free
This year marked the 11th time we partied together on Belgium's coastline, and by all accounts, it was our most fantastic edition ever. A big thank you for the support last summer! We're excited to announce that Ostend Beach 2022 will take place on 8, 9, and 10 July 2022!

As a loyal customer of our festival, you have NOW first access to our limited 1+1 Free Tickets. The first 1,000 tickets are sold on a "buy 1, get 2" tickets offer. So you pay the price for 1 ticket, and you'll receive 2 tickets when buying either a DAY or COMBI ticket.

In 2022, we will host a beach boutique gathering on 3 different days. Offering an array of musical styles with our biggest lineup ever! Each festival day has its own identity: Fissa Friday is all about the Hip-Hop/R&B scene, Clubbing Saturday is our massive MainStage at full power topped with Techno & House beats, and our Classic Sunday is filled with retro vibes! 

We're already looking forward to see all of you in 2022! Stay tuned for exciting news coming soon...

Lots of love, Ostend Beach Festival

EXTRA: Our playground will now open at noon on Friday instead of 16h, making our first day a full "Fissa" festival day! 


Fissa Friday 1+1 Ticket € 35,- (€ 17,50 per ticket)
Clubbing Saturday 1+1 Ticket € 55,- (€ 27,50 per ticket)
Classic Sunday 1+1 Ticket € 45,- (€ 22,50 per ticket)
Combi 1+1 Ticket (3 days) € 89,-`(€ 44,50 per ticket)