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november 03rd
All Tickets On Sale
✘ Limited 'Very Early Bird Tickets' are now ON SALE 

Day tickets, Combi tickets, VIP tickets and our very own "Ostend Dunes” Camping tickets are now available.
Save € 10,- on day & combi tickets NOW!

In 2023, we will host a beach boutique gathering on 3 different days. Offering an array of musical styles on 5 stages per day with our biggest line up ever. We're already looking forward to see all of you in 2023!

Lots of love, Ostend Beach Festival

Very Early Bird Day Tickets (Save € 10,-)

✘ Friday Ticket € 19,-
✘ Saturday Ticket € 54,- 
✘ Sunday Ticket € 44,- 

Very Early Bird Combi Tickets (Save € 10,-)

✘ Combi Ticket € 89,- (3 day ticket / € 30 per festival day!)
✘ Weekend Ticket € 119,- (Combi + Camping)

VIP Tickets

✘ VIP Friday € 75,-
✘ VIP Saturday € 149,-
✘ VIP Sunday € 149,- 
✘ VIP Combi € 275,- 
incl. diner buffet 18h-22h on Saturday & Sunday

Info & Bookings VIP BOXES: please contact 

Camping Tickets

✘ Ostend Dunes Camping € 39,- (Friday - Monday)
november 02th
3 Festival Days
In 2023, we host a beach boutique gathering with 5 different stages per day with national and international dance acts & dj’s. Offering an array of musical styles with more established artists and upcoming dj’s. Each festival day has it's own identity. 

✘ Friday 7 July
Friday is the start of our festival weekend, a day full of the best Urban and Dance music! Featuring local and (inter)national artists across our stages, set up to create everlasting memories.

✘ Saturday 8 July
Saturday is all about creating that night feeling during daytime; we go clubbing until the sun goes down and the fireworks will light up the sky. On Saturday, we bring you the best of Electronic music, all stages are on full power, topped with the biggest Techno and House beats.

✘ Sunday 9 July
Sunday is the perfect way to end our weekend in style, the grande finale! Ostend Beach is about the ultimate celebration of freedom and love. The best Classics and House music from now and then. Come party with us and let us take you on a trip to the beach!

Stage Hostings per day will be announced early 2023... 
september 08th
First 1.000 SOLD OUT
A 1.000 x THANK YOU!

Our first 1.000 Combi Tickets are sold out in record time. Looks like Ostend Beach Festival 2023 will become a massive one! 

Early Bird tickets available soon (day & combi tickets). 

Sunny Greetings x
september 07th
Tickets 1+1 Free
✘ 1+1 Combi Ticket (3 days) € 99,- (€ 49,50 per ticket) ✘

This year marked the 12th time we partied together on Belgium's coastline, and by all accounts, it was our most fantastic edition ever. A big thank you for the support last summer! We're excited to announce that Ostend Beach 2023 will take place on 7, 8, and 9 July 2023!

As a loyal customer of our festival, you have NOW first access to our limited 1+1 Combi Tickets. The first 1,000 tickets are sold on a "buy 1, get 2" tickets offer. So you pay the price for 1 ticket, and you'll receive 2 tickets when buying a COMBI ticket.

In 2023, we will host a beach boutique gathering on 3 different days. Offering an array of musical styles with our biggest lineup ever! Each festival day has its own identity: Fissa Friday is all about the Hip-Hop/R&B scene, Clubbing Saturday is our massive MainStage at full power topped with Techno & House beats, and our Classic Sunday is filled with retro vibes! 

We're already looking forward to see all of you in 2023! Stay tuned for exciting news coming soon...

Get them HERE

Lots of love, Ostend Beach Festival
september 06th
The official aftermovie 2022 has arrived! Thank you all for making Ostend Beach what it was this year, without a doubt our best edition ever.


As we know, life is always better at the beach... so get ready for our first Ostend Beach 2023 announcements coming soon!

Video by FD Productions

july 11th
Thank you all for Ostend Beach 2022!

This year marked the 12th time we partied together on Belgium’s north west coastline, and by all accounts it was our greatest edition ever.

Our aim has always been to make each event better than the year before, and from what we’re hearing from all of you, we definitely achieved that. Whether it was the addition of new stage designs or the phenomenal lineup we produced, we’re glad all of you are extremely happy.

We want all of you to love Ostend Beach as much as we do, because without you, there would be no Ostend Beach. Thank you all, we do this for you.

To every single artist who came from near and far, thanks for providing the incredible vibes that made 2022 what it was.

To our partners, sponsors, the city of Ostend, and anyone who supported us in creating Ostend Beach 2022, you have our thanks. To say we couldn’t have done this without you is an understatement.

And to every single soul in the Ostend Beach team of management, crew, production, volunteers, friends, family and anyone who gave their time to make this edition a reality, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We’re already looking forward to having everyone back on the sand in 2023.

Lots of love, Ostend Beach Festival
february 03rd
Brand new look-n-feel
Established in 2010, it has been decided that it is fitting to celebrate the 12th edition by introducing a new look-n-feel for the festival. "We felt that the time was right to re-energise the Ostend Beach Festival brand and share it with our customers. A new identity allows for everyone to feel a part of something new."

To encapsulate the multi-faceted nature of the festival, the logo has been re-imagined to capture the plethora of experiences on offer at the event. Sticking to the theme and celebrating the key protagonist – the octopus – a black motion-based logo has been created, with fluid shapes designated to each experience on offer. 

Continuing the look-n-feel will be a dedicated Ostend Beach Festival website, which will contain all relevant event information and partner details and experiences on offer. To drive support and create pre-event hype, a traditional media, social media and digital campaign will be launched – driving audiences to the new website. A marketing campaign will also be created to support the overall awareness of the festival.

“The new creative direction will assist in re-positioning the festival in the hearts and minds of our loyal fanbase and potential new visitors."

All assets are made by SKINN BRANDING AGENCY

Lots of love, Ostend Beach Festival