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july 17th

As a thank you for a spectacular #OB24 edition, we want to show our appreciation. Tonight, you can buy one of the 1,000 combi tickets at 50% off!

🎟️ 50% off tickets go on sale today, July 17, at 7 PM!

Will we see you at Ostend Beach Festival ‘25 on July 12 & 13?

#OstendBeach #OB25
july 16th
Thank you all for Ostend Beach 2024!

This year marked the 14th time we partied together on Belgium’s north west coastline, and by all accounts it was our greatest edition ever.

Our aim has always been to make each event better than the year before, and from what we’re hearing from all of you, we definitely achieved that. Whether it was the addition of new stage designs or the phenomenal line-up we produced, we’re glad all of you are extremely happy.

We want all of you to love Ostend Beach as much as we do, because without you, there would be no Ostend Beach. Thank you all, we do this for you.

To every single artist who came from near and far, thanks for providing the incredible vibes that made 2024 what it was.

To our partners, sponsors, the city of Ostend, and anyone who supported us in creating Ostend Beach 2024, you have our thanks. To say we couldn’t have done this without you is an understatement.

And to every single soul in the Ostend Beach team of management, crew, production, volunteers, friends, family and anyone who gave their time to make this edition a reality, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We’re already looking forward to having everyone back on the sand for our 2025 edition on 12/13 July!

Lots of love, Ostend Beach Festival
july 15th
Ostend Beach 2024 Refund Policy

Request a refund for your remaning Shells

You can do this from Wednesday, 17 July 12:00 to Wednesday, 24 July 12:00. Refund payment will be done after this timeframe. Deposits will be executed approximately 5 to 10 working days after the refund link is closed.

- free shells are non-refundable
- shells that have been added to your wristband just by bringing in cups that exceed the initial number of cups by 5 that have been used by yourself (according to your orders) will not be refunded
- a refund is only possible when there are more than 2 shells on your wristband due to transaction cost of 2 shells (€ 3,8)

Why is there a refund fee?
The refund fee is 2 Shells (€ 3,8). Each refund requires verification and processing, which incurs handling costs. These and other service-related expenses are covered by the refund fee.

If you use up all the Shells on your wristband or card, you won't have to pay the fee.
july 14th
Sunday Update
It's already the final day at the beach, but we saved the best for last!

  • Armand Van Helden & Sam Divine at MainStage
  • Bonzai All Stars & Cherry Moon Trax at Cherry Moon
  • Andrea Oliva & Maxim Lany at Diepgang

Finally, summer is back and with Sam Divine & Armand Van Helden playing the Ibiza anthems at our mainstage, the beach is the only place to be today! It's gonna be HOT & SUNNY all day long! 

Make a smart choice and come to the festival by train! Ostend station is only a 10 minutes’ walk from the festival site.

Only use the PARKING STATION ZEE today if you haven't got a ticket for our Parking Zeedijk.

Please plan your trip HERE

Can only bought online while supplies last...

P.S. There’s a lot more (practical) information available in our FAQ. Please check here if you still have any questions, before contacting us directly. Thanks!
july 13th
Saturday Update
It's already the 2nd day at the beach, and we're going to a sold out Saturday! 

  • ROBOT ROCK ALIVE at MainStage
  • ELI BROWN at Absolut Dome
  • AJNA & SAMM at Magnific

Ostend Beach is set for a partly sunny and and partly cloudy weekend with temperatures around 19-20°C, good festival conditions! 🌀️

Bring along a warm hoodie or sweater as it gets chilly at night. Use our lockers! 

Make a smart choice and come to the festival by train! Ostend station is only a 10 minutes’ walk from the festival site.

Only use the PARKING STATION ZEE today if you haven't got a ticket for our Parking Zeedijk.

Please plan your trip HERE

Due to a personal family matter, Pablo Fierro will not be able to perform at Ostend Beach today.

New Line-up for the Magnifik stage:

00:00-02:00 - NICO MORANO
21:00-00:00 - AJNA & SAMM
19:00-21:00 - MARTEN LOU
17:30-19:00 - MOSOO
15:30-17:30 - MAXI MERAKI  
14:00-15:30 - KAUDRON  

Can only bought online while supplies last...

P.S. There’s a lot more (practical) information available in our FAQ. Please check here if you still have any questions, before contacting us directly. Thanks!
july 12th
Weather Update
WEATHER UPDATE - Friday 12/07

We can't wait to welcome you! The weather is expected to brighten up after noon, with sunny skies for all three festival evenings. We're excited to celebrate life at the beach with you and make this a weekend to remember.

In case of some raindrops, WE ARE 100% WEATHERPROOF!

  • Free sunscreen
  • Enough shade
  • VIP stage covered
  • 2 stages covered
  • Free ponchos
  • Extra shelters

Sunny Greetings x

july 10th
Parking Guide
If you come by CAR: BOOK a parking ticket in advance on our website for our own and private PARKING ZEEDIJK (Kapucijnenstraat thv Zeedijk, 8400 Oostende) at 100m from the festival.

If our PARKING ZEEDIJK is sold-out, we advice you to use PARKING SKY (Leopold III-laan 6, 8400 Oostende) or PARKING STATION-ZEE (Konterdamkaai 22, 8400 Oostende). Both parkings are on 10min walking distance from the festival area. Don’t try to park your car in the city centre! We use P3 - OOSTEROEVER for our Ostend Dunes visitors, this is a free parking and they can take the bus 2 or KustTram to the festival & back to the camping.

july 10th
Payconiq by Bancontact

As you may already know, our festival is cashless, which means you'll receive a wristband with a chip.

To purchase food and drinks, you'll need to load money onto this chip. It's easy to add funds using the Payconiq by Bancontact app: just scan the QR code on your wristband or card, enter the amount you want to add, and confirm the transaction. This way, you won't waste time waiting in line to top up your wristband and you can spend more time enjoying the festival!

Install the Payconiq by Bancontact app in advance!
july 09th
To and From the Campsite
DE LIJN BUS 2 will take you from the Ostend Dunes Campsite to the festival area.

DE LIJN BUS 2 will take you from the festival (Station) to the camping after the festival on Friday & Saturday (final bus is at 02h20). (On Sunday, you need to take the KUSTTRAM from Station Oostende to Oosteroever at 00h30)

Plan your route ahead >> DE LIJN ROUTE 2



(& 300m walk to FESTIVAL AREA)

Night from Friday on Saturday: BUS 2 at STATION 01:20 & 02:20
Night from Saturday on Sunday: BUS 2 at STATION 01:20 & 02:20
Night from Sunday on Monday: BUS 2 at STATION 22:28 or 04:58 / KUSTTRAM 00:33
july 08th
Weather Forecast

Ostend Beach is set for a partly sunny and and partly cloudy weekend with temperatures around 19-20°C, good festival conditions! 🌀️

The festival takes place on the beach, it can get chilly in the evening. Take a sweater and make use of our lockers at the entrance.

In case of some raindrops, WE ARE 100% WEATHERPROOF!
  • Free ponchos
  • Extra shelters
  • 2 stages covered (2 big tents)
  • VIP stage covered

Sunny Greetings x

july 07th
All Practical Information
The time is near…

Please find the most important things to take into account when planning your visit, so we can make sure your visit runs as smoothly as possible for Ostend Beach 2024 kicking off next weekend. Please read it carefully!

1. Opening Hours
Friday: 14h-01h / Saturday: 14h-02h / Sunday: 14h-00h
Entrance possible till 2h before close.

Friday 10h till Monday 11h

2. Cup Token system
In order to meet these legal requirements, an 'eco fee system' will be used from this edition, or simply put: a deposit. This system applies to the entire festival site and applies to all drinks ordered at the bars. When ordering a drink in a cup, can or pet you automatically pay 1 extra shell. Thirsty again? Return your empty drink at the bar in exchange for a new one. You can always exchange your cup for 1 shell and we put it back on your wristband. Please help us to keep our beautiful beach as clean as possible!

3. Route & Parking:
We are in the city centre of Ostend, so please READ CAREFULLY our guides here:

Festival: Klein Strand, Montgomerykaai 1, 8400 Oostende
Camping: P3 Oosteroever, Ankerstraat, 8400 Oostende

4. Weather:
We’ve had a look at the weather and it’s seems to be perfect festival weather with a lot of sunshine for the entire Ostend Beach​ weekend! Even the experts say so! Don’t forget to bring a sweater as there's always more wind at sea! 

Ostend Beach is 100% weatherproof! β˜€οΈ

The festival takes place on the beach so it can get chilly in the evening. Take a sweater and make use of our lockers at the entrance.

In case of rain:
  • Free poncho’s
  • Extra shelters
  • 2 stages covered (2 big tents)
  • VIP stage covered 

5. Top-Up now:
Register your wristband online and ‘top-up’ by loading prepaid ‘Shells’ into your cashless account before you arrive – this will save you loads of time at the event, so you can go straight to partying!

Top up your wristband in advance HERE and save !

At the festival you can top-up your wristband with the Payconiq by Bancontact app. You will be able to scan the QR code that’s on your wristband’s chip and directly add credits on it. No time lost queuing in line to recharge your wristband and way more time to spend on the dance floor!

6. Timetable & APPIC app
Easily put together your own timetable, check the interactive festival map when your lost, and listen to the latest tracks of your favorite artists. Get in touch with other visitors using the meet-up function or take a look at the Favorites-screen to see to which events your friends are going to. 

Finally, try our unique function Find Your Buddy. This is an interactive event map where you can see where you are, where all facilities are, and even better, where your friends are. Never lose your buddy’s again. You can use “Find Your Buddy” during festivals who support the interactive map. The app automatically stops sharing your location after the festival ends.

7. Lockers & Powerbanks by Charge Up:
At the festival you will find lockers where you can safely store your belongings. Lockers are available in large and small sizes and for one or more days. It’s also possible to charge your phone thanx to our powerbanks by Charge Up.

8. VIP:
Your (mobile) VIP ticket will be scanned at the entrance and you will receive a wristband. With this wristband, you can enter the VIP area located at the Mainstage. If you have ordered a VIP BOX ticket, your spending is available directly on your wristband or spending card. With your VIP Shells it's possible to buy drinks and food all over the festival and in the VIP area, where you can either order at the bar or at the waiters. You can check your spending balance at every bar.

9. Updates:
We will share (important) updates and news about Ostend Beach Festival 2024 via our social media: Instagram & Facebook. So please follow us to stay up-to-date. And of course, like previous editions, Ostend Beach Festival 2024 deserves to be documented. We encourage you to share lots of pictures and videos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and if you do so please use hashtag #ostendbeach and tag us (@ostendbeach), so we can see all your lovely footage!

Let's party!!!
We are ready to welcome you! We have 4 brand new stage designs, tickets are selling like hot cakes, we will have perfect festival weather conditions and the drinks are already ice cold. Hope you are as excited as we are to celebrate life at the beach! More information can be found at our Frequently Asked Questions page HERE.

We cannot wait to welcome you. Let's make this a weekend to remember.

P.S. There’s a lot more (practical) information available in our INFO section. Please check here if you still have any questions, before contacting us directly. Thanks!
july 06th
Let's Build a Festival
Today we have started building on our festival site! 🚜 🀠

We’re so hyped to welcome all of you on 12/13/14 July!

Sunny Greetings x

july 01st
Parking Zeedijk
We have our own private underground parking at Parking Zeedijk, 100m from the festival area. This is by far the best option to park your car as it can get very crowded in Ostend during the summer. Secure your parking spot at our ticketshop NOW.

Only day tickets are available (€ 29 / day), and as we have a limited number of 200 spots per day, you better get one fast. You can enter the parking from 12h noon till 10am the next morning.

Address parking: Kapucijnenstraat - Zeedijk, 8400 Ostend, Belgium
june 26th
Area Map
The 2024 Festival Map is below (click map for full-size version).

june 24th
Combi Sold Out
⚠️ Ticket Update ⚠️

Friday, Saturday & Sunday tickets are still available.

The countdown to Ostend Beach is on, and tickets are disappearing like sand slipping through your fingers! 

Now is the time to secure your spot in the sun, on the sand, and on the dancefloor. Saturday tickets are running low, and VIP tickets are vanishing faster than a wave crashing against the shore.

🎟️ Head over HERE to grab your tickets

june 19th
Ticket Update
⚠️ Ticket Update ⚠️

🚨 Saturday tickets are going to be sold out soon, with only a limited 11% remaining!

The clock is ticking and tickets are disappearing fast. Secure your spot in the sun, on the sand, and on the dancefloor before they're completely gone!

⏰ Head over HERE and grab your tickets.

june 17th
The Well-Being Klub
For the first time, Ostend Beach is collaborating with The Well-Being Klub to take care of your state of well-being. A blend between live music, movement and bringing people together. Something we truly welcome at Ostend Beach!

The Well-Being Klub's mission is to bring a balanced lifestyle to all music lovers.
During the festival, you can enjoy different well-being sessions guided by a live DJ.

Join us on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for a Plug & Flow experience. Enjoy the perfect harmony between movement and live music in our chill-out zone at the festival. We literally plug in the music and flow together!

Participate in gentle movement sessions to loosen up the body and enjoy some stretching before you head off dancing. We provide headphones so you can tune in with yourself and the music.

When: Every day at 4:00 & 5:00 pm
Where: Chill-out area
Who: The Well-Being Klub
Guided By: Journey Of Yoga
Music By: WLC

Bring some sunscreen, a bit of water and join us for an unforgettable journey of movement and melody.

Reserve your FREE spot HERE!

june 12th
Top-Up With Shells Now And Get Free Shells
This year is all about providing a better experience for all on our beach again, and one of the ways we're doing this for you all is by going cashless at Ostend Beach, with our currency: Shells.

Chances are, you've used cashless systems at a festival before, so we likely don't need to introduce the concept to you or how easy they are to use. However, unlike other events that may likely just list your cash as "money", "tokens", or "credit" on your wristband, we're of course going with a beach-y vibe, and naming them Shells.

You can already prepare for our party on sandy shores by topping up with Shells today, and reaping the rewards!

Shells are simple to use, and will already be topped up on your RFID wristband when you arrive at the festival site, so you won't have to bother about doing anything when you turn up to party. No waiting, no hassles.

But the best part is payment. Whenever you feel like grabbing a refreshing drink under the sun, or scoring a bite to eat, all you need to do is tap your wristband to use your Shells. It really couldn't be easier or faster, meaning you've got more time to enjoy the event, and party on the sand.

So get ready early for Ostend Beach, and load up with Shells and save NOW.

Lots of love, Ostend Beach Festival

june 06th
Official Afterparty
We have official afterparties at Hemingway Ostend on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. 

The venue is situated at the infamous Langestraat on walking distance from the beach. Expect a night with headlining artists from the festival.

may 29th
What's New?

Read about all our novelties HERE. From vibrant stages and gourmet food trucks to makeup artists and tattoo inkers.

✘ 125+ artists
✘ Extra VIP area [NEW]
✘ Tattoo shop [NEW]
✘ STORM restaurant [NEW]
✘ Better soundsystems [NEW]
✘ Easy access: Night Train [NEW]
✘ Makeup artists [NEW]
✘ Rubus Garden stage [NEW]
✘ Extended food court [NEW]
✘ Bigger fireworks
✘ Only RRA show in BE [NEW]
✘ Toilet disco
✘ Eco policy
✘ Always weatherproof
✘ Beach sunset

Can’t wait to see you all at the beach again this year!  Ticket are SELLING FAST, go get them HERE

may 23th
Night Trains
Make a smart choice and come to the festival by train! Ostend station is only a 10 minutes’ walk from the festival site.

Every night 1 extra night train will run from Ostend station to Ghent-Saint-Peters with stops in Bruges , Aalter and Drongen.  Boarding this night train is only allowed with the corresponding Ostend Beach Night Train Ticket. Your purchase is valid as a reservation.

The special Ostend Beach Nighttrain Ticket is yours for only € 18 return. The ticket is valid for an outward journey by regular train in 2nd class to Ostend  station and the homeward journey by an extra night train. It als includes 24h free parking at the SNCB car parks of Bruges and Ghent-Saint-Peters.

Buy your ticket HERE from June 19th. The number of tickets is limited. Don't wait too long!

All info and conditions can be found HERE

may 14th
Timetable online
This is the moment many of you have been waiting for with baited breath - the time when we announce the daily timings of each artist who will be taking the stages at Ostend Beach Festival 2024. And lucky for all of you, the release of exact timings for all our 2024 artists mean you can start prepping for a perfect weekend on warm sands with us in Ostend.

With a packed daily lineup starting at noon each day and going well into the night, there's a ton of incredible acts in store to keep you dancing away under the sun and stars, for what is sure to be our most epic event ever.

Check out the full artist timings for Friday, Saturday and Sunday here, and begin preparing your Ostend Beach 2024 weekend right away. Who are you looking forward to seeing most?

Finally, as we're now 2 months before the event, you must secure your passes as soon as possible. With more hype around Ostend Beach than ever before, these tickets won't last long. Get yours now!

Full Timetable

Late Tickets
may 08th
Cherry Moon Beach
Cherry Moon Beach is back in Ostend! ️

Get ready to end the summer with a bang! We're returning to the city where we celebrated our first Cherry Moon Beach back in 2000. This time, we're joining forces with Ostend Beach Festival for an unforgettable experience at the Wellington Hippodroom.

Let's celebrate the end of a wonderful summer in true Cherry Moon fashion!

Tickets can be found HERE

» WHERE? Wellington Hippodroom, Ostend
» WHEN? Saturday August 31st / 21:00 - 05:00

may 06th
DJ Contest
As part of the 15 Years Ostend Beach - the electronic boutique beach festival - we are running a mix competition with VI.BE, to give an upcoming dj the opportunity to play alongside headliners as Yves V and Regi on Saturday, July 13.

From house to techno, EDM to mash up: all sets are judged on their individual merit and skills used. The winner will not only get to play one of the most unique festivals in Belgium, but will also be able to enjoy VIP hospitality at the festival – truly an unforgettable prize!

Join HERE πŸŽ§

Lots of love, Ostend Beach Festival
march 26th
Storm - The Menu
In the context of its 15th anniversary year, Ostend Beach Festival is proud to announce a unique culinary collaboration.

STORM, known for its gastronomic refinement with the best from the North Sea, will operate the exclusive VIP restaurant during the festival. The chef is inspired especially for the occasion by the music and DJs of the famous festival.

Chef Michiel Rabaey: "It is an honor to be part of Ostend Beach Festival and create a menu that reflects the vibration of the music and the beauty of our sea. Our goal is to provide a culinary experience that will enhance the memory of this iconic festival."

Storm x Ostend Beach

  • North Sea Box with Oyster - Smoked Fish - Fish Salad with Crackers
  • Millefeuille Hake - Cauliflower - Beet Shoots
  • Catch of the Day - Green Asparagus - Morel - Pea
  • Shortcrust Pastry - White Chocolate - Strawberry - Citrus

All info & tickets HERE